Why to be Hal franchise?

Only we provide the best combination of technology and marketing mix for travel industry.

Travel Technology Support Global

Haltrip offers you a range of travel products including Flight Ticketing on all domestic Airlines, Car Rentals, Hotels, Service Apartments, Holidays and Adventure Packages. You need not be an IATA Agent to sell any domestic airline ticket. You can sell flight tickets on any domestic Carrier.

Business Support

Earn the highest commission on booking Flights, Hotels, Trains, Holidays, etc. Haltrip exposes you to a world of maximized profits through the sale of travel products. Haltrip equips you with the easiest and simplest technology systems for travel solutions, accessible and usable by all ages and backgrounds.

An Effective Marketing Mix

Haltrip’s high visibility brand exposes your business to a larger clientele. Haltrip’s Branding extends to you an image of credibility and trust. Also you can extend your services beyond your traditional business.

Personal & Business Development

Minimal Infrastructural requirement i.e an entrepreneur can be a Haltrip Franchisee along with running his shop.

To be a franchise

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